"We are all one substance involved in the same terrible struggle, turning matter into spirit."
Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Painting Demonstration

Retro Bar NYC • acrylic on bristol • 14" x 17" unframed • ©2006 C.Berk
Okay, here's an online attempt to demonstrate how I paint by using the Direct Massing in Technique. By clicking on this painting, you will be taken to a (simplistic) six step process. Please leave any comment or questions below.


morrison55 said...

Hey there,
Thanks for the painting demonstration - I'm an art student and I found them to be really interesting. You've certainly given me room for thought on some of the next paintings I'll be working on next.

If you got any time I'd like it if you saw some of my paintings - I would like another opinion outside of my university and friends and would appreciate your thoughts, because I really like your work. I'm always interested in how contemporary painters use paint in modern times.

Brillant work

Chuck Berk said...

Hey Morrison55... pleased to hear that the demo was of interest. After viewing your accomplished work, I'm sure the Direct Massing in Technique (COLOR-MASSING) will be a meaningful addition to your painting repertoire.

CharlieBrown8989 said...

You have a great site!!

Thanks for sharing.....

Chuck Berk said...

Namaste Charlie...see ya on Flickr.

Anonymous said...

I love your website blog, as well as your watercolor originals, and would be interested in getting input/feedback on setting up my own. My website is:


Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Watercolor Judy

Chuck Berk said...

Hi Judy: Fyi, I'm mostly working in acrylic these days. I visited your site and I'm not sure how I can help. E-me with questions about your site.