"We are all one substance involved in the same terrible struggle, turning matter into spirit."
Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

On Exhibit at Salmagundi Club, NYC

Harvey 04
"HARVEY 04" • 25" x 22" framed • © 2004 C.Berk

This painting will be on exhibit with the (NSPCA) National Society Of Painters In Casein And Acrylic at their 52nd Annual Show...
>>> Place: SALMAGUNDI CLUB, 47 5th Avenue, New York City, USA
>>> Dates: JULY 8th - 22nd, 2005
Five years ago I submitted, to the same show, an earlier portrait of Harvey that received a nice award from Philip Pearlstein. You can view that painting too by clicking on the following link. >>> Harvey 00


Carolyn said...

Hi Chuck!
I linked over to your site via Chuck Rose's blog. I must tell you I truly admire your paintings. They have a certain energy to them, I'm sure because you paint live. (this is something I'd like to do more of, but it's a little intimidating when you are just starting out!) I also like the fact that you described your painting process.
I am not a painter, my style is usually cartoony, but like you I find people to be the most interesting of all subjects.
I'm sure I'll be back to visit now and then.
BTW, if you are a dad: Happy Fathers Day!

Chuck Berk said...

Carolyn, you shouldn't be intimidated working from the model. We're all just doing the best that we can. I try to enjoy the process as a kind of meditation. When all is going well, I don't even know that I'm painting... trance like. Sometimes, I can't even remember doing the actual painting. But, of course, there is a finished canvas as evidence. (Many of my paintings are done “alla prima” ... at one sitting.) So, try to relax and I'm sure you will do just fine!

Btw, I've enjoyed viewing your work. Good luck with your art and please stop back often.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous paintings!

Chuck Berk said...

Thanks Jessika. Why don't you view it live at the show? Philly is not that far away.

Anonymous said...

how nice for you to have it on exhibit... wow, enjoy it!