"We are all one substance involved in the same terrible struggle, turning matter into spirit."
Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pen, Ink & Wash

There are times when I will work with ink...these paintings are fast, intuitive and utilize a wet in wet technique. Click on this painting to view other Pen, Ink & Wash. Please leave your comments, questions, etc. below. (More artwork, by theme, will be posted soon.)


Anonymous said...

this is great!
i love pen and ink so this is a first wash i've seen
also think that the other work you have - color massing technique is wonderful... also the first time i have heard of that technique...

self taught in the last two years
at blarneybytes

Chuck Berk said...

Hey Patty...thanks for your comments. My massing in techniqie has developed over many years. If you are interested in its origin, look into Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche (both deceased) work. I hope you'll stop back often.


fayezeh said...

thanks for your creativity.
i am one of the lovers of pen,ink & wash.and you did really wonderful.

Chuck Berk said...

Fayezeh...thank you for the kind comment.