"We are all one substance involved in the same terrible struggle, turning matter into spirit."
Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I try to do some quick sketches before a day of painting. Many of them turn out better than the painting itself. Click on this sketch to view other drawings. Please leave your comments, questions, etc. below. (More artwork, by theme, will be posted soon.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, Beautiful work! I always thought your work was very nice...I used to pose for you many years ago when you taught a Rockland. It was nice to find your blog! Glad to see you are still making some wonderful art.

Chuck Berk said...

Nice to hear from you Renee. Hope all's well at your end and that you're happy and creative...Chuck

Remiv6 said...

Hi Chuck, Do you still go to Fair Lawn art association to draw? I am out of the NJ art loop, since I moved to New England. I found a nice art group up here to draw with.

Chuck Berk said...

I haven't been involved with FLAA for many years. I’ve heard they lost use of their building. As for your artwork...got anything I can view online? Renee, feel free to E-me, it’s nice to catch up with old friends.